The Best Costume Shops in Brighton

costume shop in brighton

Fancy dress is always a fun occasion, and finding the right costume is always a fun challenge. You’re always just a step away from your next opportunity to don a fancy costume, whether it’s for a spooky Halloween, nailing the ABBA theme at your friend’s birthday party, a glamorous New Year’s celebration, or simply vying to impress at one of Brighton’s many clubs. Luckily for you, the choices are made a lot easier with this display of options.

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Our top picks for Costume Shops

Costume Shops in Brighton

Party Zone

Located in Hove, Party Zone is your go-to destination for all things costume-related. They sell helium balloons, wigs, candles, fancy dress, glitter, face paint, gifts, and a wide array of other items. Providing excellent customer service, Party Zone offers a convenient 14-day return policy for exchanges and provides the option for both click and collect services as well as complimentary home delivery for your convenience.

Barbary Lane

Five years ago, Barbary Lane opened their boutique in Brighton. They take great pride not only in successfully navigating the challenges inherent in maintaining an independent business but also in their dedication to supporting the local community.

Guests are invited to explore an assortment of meticulously chosen and handcrafted treasures sourced from various corners of the globe. Beyond their thoughtfully curated selection, they also craft unique pieces.

Whether your preferences gravitate toward the unconventional or the sophisticated, Barbary Lane fervently encourages individuals to embrace their distinctive styles, paying no heed to fleeting fashion trends or external judgments. One hallmark of Barbary Lane is their unyielding “NO BEIGE” policy, emblematic of their conviction that life is too fleeting to be mired in monotony and conformity. Visitors can anticipate an ever-evolving inventory, complete with exciting additions on a weekly basis.

Soiree Dress Up & Party

Located at the heart of town on the renowned Western Road, Soiree Dress Up & Party offers an extensive selection of costumes to meet your requirements. Furthermore, whether you’re organising a lavish celebration or embellishing your residence to commemorate a significant event, their assortment of decorations and tableware ensures you have everything you need. This boutique, specialising in fancy dress and party supplies, provides all the fundamental items for various occasions and festivities.

Gladrags Costumes

Gladrags serves as a distinctive resource, enchanting community groups and organisations with the world of costumes. This includes youth initiatives, educational institutions such as schools and colleges, as well as amateur and fringe arts endeavours.

Operating as a charitable organisation, Gladrags remains steadfast in its commitment to reaching out to groups and individuals who grapple with disadvantages and life challenges. With a wide collection comprising over 7000 costumes, Gladrags stands ready to support and enhance the community, educational, and well-being projects of these groups.

They provide subsidised costume hire packages that commence at just £3 per week, making their offerings accessible to a broad spectrum of initiatives. Additionally, many of their educational workshops and community outreach programs are eligible for full subsidies, further exemplifying their dedication to fostering creativity and inclusion.

Harveys of Hove

Founded in 1994, Harvey’s of Hove has remained a prominent fixture in the Brighton costume shop industry. The proprietors, boasting 34 years of expertise in the costume business, bring a substantial reservoir of knowledge and experience to the establishment. It’s advisable to schedule an appointment before visiting, as they emphasise that their presence on the premises during the posted opening hours is not guaranteed.

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