The Best Restaurants in Brighton Marina

The Best Restaurants in Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina lies about a mile to the east of the Palace Pier. That makes it just a pleasant seaside stroll away from the city centre, or alternatively, you can jump on one of the regular bus services that connect the Marina to the main part of town. Whilst we would recommend one of the above, more sustainable travel options, one of the biggest perks of a visit to the Marina is the four hours of free parking on offer (anyone who has ever driven into Brighton before will know how rare that is!). 

Once at the Marina, you’ll find a whole lot more than just boats. There’s a wide variety of shops, a gym, a casino, watersports and activity centres, a cinema, a bowling alley, Globalls mini-golf, and a virtual racing centre. After sampling some of these delights, we reckon you’re going to be just a little bit hungry! From independent Italians and reliable family favourites to burger joints and Turkish delights, there is a great selection of restaurants waiting to be discovered in Brighton Marina. Luckily for you, we’ve assembled a list of the very finest eateries the Marina has to offer, so read on and then get down there.

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Our guide to Brighton's Marina's restaurants

Bella Napoli

Bella Napoli is a lovely independent Italian restaurant, serving up all the classic pizza and pasta dishes you could want. This restaurant is authentically Italian, with the owner and staff hailing from the land of La Dolce Vita, and you can have a slice of the good life here too! Guests at Bella Napoli hail the great value dishes and hearty portion sizes, so it’s well worth considering when you head down to the Marina. (Although we’re not sure what their Neapolitan cousins would make of the Hawaiian pizza on the menu!)


It’s chicken, it’s cheeky. Yes, it’s Nando’s. We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume you’ve heard of Nando’s before… but just in case, we’ll go over the basics. Nando’s serves up peri-peri chicken in a variety of ways with a series of scrumptious side dishes. From there you choose how hot you want it (there’s no shame in going for lemon & herb on your first time, we promise) and you get free refills on soft drinks. There are plenty of options for kids and veggies, too, so you can rest assured that the whole gang can eat here. And to top it off, this particular branch of Nando’s is one of the best-reviewed restaurants in Brighton Marina, so it should definitely be on your shortlist.

Pizza Express

From one iconic chain to another, another solid dining option in Brighton Marina is Pizza Express. You can probably guess what’s on offer here, but it’s worth noting that Pizza Express cater really well for vegans, so if you’ve got any plant-based pals in your group this could be your best bet. Of the three major Italian chain restaurants you can find in the Marina, we think Pizza Express is the top choice.

Waterside Restaurant

A slightly different choice here as the Waterside Restaurant is located inside Rendezvous Casino, so perhaps not one for the kids, but it’s definitely an option if you’re looking for a fun night out for an adult group. The Waterside menu features a good selection of veggie, seafood and meat dishes and they do a Sunday lunch too. If you fancy trying your luck at the tables then the Waterside Restaurant is the dining option for you.

Five Guys

Five Guys is a fast-food chain specialising in burgers with a huge range of possible toppings (over 250,000 combinations!). We think it’s fair to say that Five Guys is a notch above your average fast-food restaurant, and brings an authentic American diner vibe to its restaurants. The Brighton Marina Five Guys is the joint-highest-rated restaurant in the whole Marina, so they’re obviously doing something right!

Aydo Lounge and Grill

Last but not least is Aydo Lounge and Grill, a Turkish restaurant and bar with a great reputation. Aydo focuses on Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine, so you’ll find lots of grilled meats and kebab dishes alongside a strong selection of seafood and veggie dishes. You can tell that no expense was spared when it came to kitting out this restaurant, so it’s a great upscale place for a date night or a celebratory meal. When the weather is nice there is also a huge outdoor area with heaters where you can drink or dine right by the water’s edge.

Whether you’re taking the kids down to the seaside on the weekend, hitting the casino or catching a movie, Brighton Marina hosts a huge selection of restaurants to make sure you have a great day or night out. If you’re looking for somewhere to go with the whole family then Pizza Express is probably your best option as they cater for family groups so well (and vegans if that’s required). If you’d like to try out an independent restaurant then look no further than Bella Napoli, an authentically Italian restaurant serving up all the pizza and pasta you could possibly want. If it’s date night then we’d recommend Aydo Lounge and Grill or Nando’s. And if you want a more casual dining experience then the American-diner style Five Guys is the place to go for burgers and fries. Finally, if you happen to be heading down to the Rendezvous Casino then their in-house Waterside Restaurant is a brilliant dining option. 


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