Where To Get Botox in Brighton

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Ageing, undeniably, can be cruel. With wrinkles and lines coming up, curating visual flaws on your skin, many clammer to find some way of resolving this struggle… But what if we had the answer along with the best places in town?

*DISCLAIMER: Botox is a brand name, and when we refer to Botox, we really just mean anti-wrinkle injections.*

In a rush? Need the TL;DR version?

Where To Get Botox in Brighton

The most common way of dealing with these issues is your best friend, Botulinum Toxin, otherwise widely known as Botox®, a common procedure for A-listers all the way through to perhaps some of your friends and acquaintances, these injections are popular in both men and women!

Also, it is minimally invasive in comparison to many other cosmetic surgeries. However, it is worth weighing up the worth of having this procedure done personally. Although daunting on paper giving some sort of gut reaction to the word, anti-wrinkle injections do have a lot of advantages.

If in Brighton and you’d be compelled to have such a procedure done, look no further as we’ve compiled some options of shops, after contacting them, you can get this done for yourself.


Dr. Emma Sloan takes great pride in crafting tailored treatment packages, meticulously attending to every detail, comprehending her clients’ objectives, and ensuring their feasibility and safety. She completed her medical studies at the Brighton and Sussex School of Medicine in 2009 and subsequently pursued a career in general practice, achieving membership status within the Royal College of General Practitioners. Along with her team at her clinic, is committed to the highest standard in training and care, healthcare practice, morals and ethics.


Tejal Sangani is a Harley Street-qualified, non-surgical cosmetic practitioner based in Brighton. She possesses 15 years of experience as a Prescribing Pharmacist, showcasing thorough clinical expertise. The initial consultation comes at no cost, allowing you to freely ask questions and unwind. During this time, she conducts a comprehensive assessment and engages in a thoughtful discussion about your concerns. She assures you that you will never be hurried.


Emily Kerrison Aesthetics stands as a prominent provider of non-surgical aesthetics in the South East. Nestled discreetly on the outskirts of Brighton, East Sussex, this clinic offers a selection of the most sought-after facial rejuvenation treatments you can find. With thousands of satisfied clients and an unwavering commitment to safety, they also provide an extensive array of wellness treatments and medical-grade skincare products alongside their aesthetic offerings.


Brighton Beauty Bar is run by Fay Moghadasi, a renowned aesthetic practitioner and certified beauty expert. Fay boasts vast experience, having honed her skills in acclaimed salons throughout the South East of England. She is dedicated to delivering exceptionally high-quality treatments and takes great pride in offering expert, results-oriented aesthetic services at her charming Brighton salon. Her approach involves delicately enhancing the existing state of features, resulting in a fresh and subtly improved appearance that maintains a wonderfully natural look. Fay collaborates closely with each client to strike a harmonious balance between their desires and her artistic recommendations.


Jaimie Wilson at Chi Aesthetics is a registered nurse and ACE group registered aesthetician. She has specialised in anti-wrinkle injections, as well as fat-dissolving and dermal fillers, using the highest quality products. An enthusiastic and devoted professional, Jaimie is wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering cost-effective, easily accessible, and dependable cosmetic treatments.


At Opiah Cosmetics, they specialise in non-surgical anti-ageing skin treatments, accommodating both men and women. They take great pride in delivering a warm and inviting service. Prior to any procedure, they conduct an extensive and confidential consultation to address all the client’s questions, ensuring a sense of relaxation, comfort, and confidence in the chosen treatment.


At Freedom Aesthetics, their approach is distinct. Operating as a small, family-run medical practice, they have prioritised cost management, resulting in a patient-centric environment. Free from the need to see 50-60 patients daily to cover expenses, they can invest ample time with each individual patient. Furthermore, they refrain from performing procedures unless deemed necessary, ensuring that the benefits significantly outweigh any associated risks.


Hailing from West Yorkshire, Dr. Josh O’Hara pursued his medical education at Barts and the London Medical School before making the move to Brighton to serve in the NHS. Dr. O’Hara divides his time between Worthing Hospital and the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. In addition to his NHS commitments, he has cultivated his passion for facial aesthetics and has established a devoted clientele. He is dedicated to providing ongoing support throughout every step of their treatment experience.


Starting life as a tattoo removal clinic, St George’s is now Brighton’s most popular laser skin treatment clinic with state-of-the-art technology. Surgeons Keith Allison and Marylin Jennings enhance their clients’ innate beauty, leaving them satisfied, rejuvenated, and confident.

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