Where to Get Pancakes in Brighton

Where to get pancakes in Brighton

Pancakes are a staple. To have them for breakfast, for dessert, whenever you’d like, pancakes can be served in a multitude of ways catering to many. Topped with bacon, fruit, syrup, or anything you can dream of, pancakes serve as the perfect platform for a delicious time. If you are in Brighton and looking for a place to get some pancakes, fear not, as we have compiled a list of Brigthon’s best locations!

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Our top picks for getting pancakes in Brighton

Where to Get Pancakes in Brighton


Nowhere Man, nestled in the vibrant heart of Brighton, is a charming coffee establishment that delights in offering exceptional coffee, delectable pancakes, an eclectic blend of music, and scrumptious bagels. Catering to vegans and those with gluten sensitivities, they provide a diverse array of delightful pancake options for you to savour. With their welcoming team and an overall ambience of warmth and kindness, their goal is to ensure your visit is truly memorable.


The Breakfast Club is a restaurant chain specialising in breakfast food. Their Brighton restaurant is their own little slice of Miami Vice. The first Breakfast Club cafe outside of London wouldn’t look out of place on Ocean Drive with Rico Tubbs enjoying his morning flat white on the outside benches. ‘Today is going to be a good day’ has been a part of who they are since they first painted it on the front of the Spitalfields cafe in 2011, and they aim to serve as a lift to your day!


Nestled on East Street, Crêpeaffaire enjoys a prime location near the beach, shopping centre, and The Lanes. This establishment tempts patrons with a diverse array of freshly crafted crêpes, spanning both sweet and savoury options. Their menu also boasts indulgent Belgian waffles served with ice cream, opulent milkshakes, revitalising smoothies, and organic coffee. Diners have the choice of enjoying their meal indoors or outdoors, within the inviting al fresco seating area.


Kenny’s Rock and Soul Cafe is a hidden treasure awaiting music aficionados and food connoisseurs. Kenny’s exudes a relaxed ambiance, inviting guests to linger at their leisure. The private seating booths ensure a cosy experience, and on sunny days, an outdoor balcony lets you observe the lively Laines scene from a comfortable distance. Kenny’s is renowned for serving one of the city’s finest breakfasts, boasting a wide array of options, including choices suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Complementing their delectable food, Kenny’s offers an assortment of beverages, from timeless milkshakes to enticing coffee and tea selections.


Starfish & Coffee is a boutique-flared cafe with an array of marvellous food. Their dedication to using locally sourced ingredients is a point of pride. They obtain free-range eggs from Holmansbridge Farm in close proximity to Lewes and source their milk from Sussex & Surrey Dairies. Their pork hails from Suffolk pig farms via Bodiam Meats. Furthermore, they depend on Coffee At 33 in Brighton for their roasted coffee beans, and their daily bread and pastries are delivered by The Flour Pot Bakery and Fika Bakery, respectively. The delightful cakes on offer are the result of expert craftsmanship by Honeycomb Cakes.


Bill’s offers a delightful pancake experience with choices ranging from a 3-stack or 5-stack with bacon to a 5-stack with fruit. Since 2001, Bill’s has been dedicated to serving our patrons with scrumptious dishes and warm hospitality. We hold the belief that exceeding expectations is a cornerstone of our service, both in and out of the kitchen.

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In conclusion, wherever you go, pancakes are foolproof. If you want something that inspires, then consider each menu carefully, but if you’re just in the mood for a big slab of pancakes, then find which one of these is closest and most convenient for you!

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