The Best Soft Play in Brighton & Hove

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Finding activities to occupy your kids can be a chore for any parent, and inspiring things such as fun can be a challenge. Soft play areas have, for quite a long time, been essential in solving these issues. Occupying them with things such as slides, things to climb on, ball pits and more, our local area has many locations that cater to fun for kids.

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Our top picks for soft play areas

With a little information on each of the best locations in Brighton & Hove, we have provided some recommendations on where to potentially take your children.

Soft Play in Brighton & Hove


Have a blast with your children at the Palace Play indoor soft play centre! This fantastic four-story play area offers endless fun for kids. While your little ones explore, you can relax at the Palace Play Cafe, sipping on tea or coffee and indulging in delicious treats like cakes, muffins, and ice cream. Admission is £7 for kids between 0.9 and 1.5 metres tall and just £5 for those under 0.9 metres. The maximum height restriction for Palace Play is 1.5 metres tall.


Wrap Space provides a soft play environment primarily used for party situations. Party bookings are available at the following times on weekends: 10:00 am to midday and 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm Their party plans are crafted to be simple and hassle-free. They can relish a private 2-hour reservation of the WRAP Cafe space, complete with access to the play frame, accommodating up to 35 children. They understand the stress that often accompanies party planning, which is why they offer to handle all the details. They provide the option to book party bags and catering for added convenience. They can seat up to 35 children in their space.


A facility within Hangleton Community Centre, Tiny Tim’s is a playroom equipped with a ball pool and a multi-level soft climbing frame featuring bash bags, crawl tubes, and slides. There’s even a designated seating area for adults to relax while their children play safely. This space not only offers kids a secure environment for play but also encourages the development of their physical motor skills, ensuring they’re happily tired out. For added convenience, there’s a connecting hatch from the main kitchen to the soft room, where you can easily grab tea and coffee. Throughout the week, we offer drop-in sessions, typically running from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM (though times may vary depending on building supervision and private bookings). During these drop-ins, families can let their children enjoy the playroom for just £2.00 (for families of up to 2 children, with an additional charge of £0.50 per extra child). Additionally, our soft playroom is available for exclusive bookings, making it a fantastic venue choice for children’s parties.


Funplex offers children the chance to play, learn, explore and party in one of the best and most exciting indoor play centres in Sussex. Bring your children to Funplex and let them play in a healthy, fun and, above all, safe environment whilst learning some of the most valuable development skills: social, risk-taking, coordination, creativity and exercise. They are a parent-friendly venue with comfortable settees and the finest cappuccinos! It’s an absolute haven and a regular meeting place for those with children, where Mums and Dads can relax and enjoy the comfortable surroundings while keeping an eye on the little ones. You can enjoy one of their many beverages or sample some of the superb home-prepared food from their extensive menu – all served by their friendly staff.


A venue with huge play frames, games, machines, slides and more, special areas for toddlers, free WiFi, comfy seating and a bright, airy cafe serving freshly prepared food, Monkey Bizness is a soft play area based in Lewes. A short drive from Brighton, they cater to kids. They’re also a cashless business that takes only card payments.

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