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Sometimes, when struggling to address your dinner cravings, an online menu (and the British value that has instilled an expectation for a starter, main and dessert) can seem positively overwhelming! Condensing hundreds of options into your top choice is no small feat. It can sometimes detract from the enjoyability of your dining experience, especially when you’ll inevitably regret your order upon getting a waft of your neighbouring table’s choice as it floats on by. For those days when your dawdling and hunger-based irritability are rife, we recommend trying tapas to sample several dishes and get a flavour for a specific cuisine.

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Best Tapas in Brighton

The origin of tapas is shrouded in mystery and lots of region-based pride, with various areas of Spain all claiming to be the birthplace of this much-loved eating style. With such ambiguity over its conception, it’s no surprise that the definition has evolved over time as well, namely, to suit modern eating styles as well as cater to all the different dietary requirements: now, tapas refers to the eating of small plates; shared between a table and normally to substitute a whole course, enabling you to try a bit of everything! In an age of indecisiveness, this concept has proved wildly popular and has been absorbed by many restaurants in England as a way of serving food. This style extends beyond Spanish cuisines and can be seen by many Turkish, Japanese and Mexican establishments across the Brighton and Hove postcodes. Next time you’re feeling peckish, why not give tapas a try and head on down to some of the top restaurants in the city? Who knows, you may even find a new family favourite. 

Tinto Taperia

This charming Spanish restaurant is located in the heart of the city centre, only steps away from Theatre Royal. Specialising in delicious tapas, this makes for a perfect light lunch or somewhere to wind up at après-show. Why not impress your family by treating them to the top tapas spot in Brighton? They’re open every day from 12-10 pm. 

Constantinople Restaurant

A quaint café and Bistro offering authentic Turkish cuisine and affordable eats to the residents of Brighton and Hove. Serving the city with their extensive commitment to bringing the flavours of the Middle East to you and with dishes starting at a very reasonable £5.50, what’s not to love? Why not give them a visit between 12.30 and 10 pm? 

Las Iguanas

Home to amazing cocktails and delicious sharing plates. This contemporary Mexican and Latin eatery takes the versatility of a family restaurant, birthday venue and relaxed bar to a new level, and we couldn’t love it more! Keep the party going until midnight with their extended opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Or if you’ve already got your slippers on by 8 p.m., why not head over for an early meal, starting from 11 a.m.? 


It is a hidden gem serving traditional Mexican street food, loved by many for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere and generous lashings of sauce. It’s ideal for a to-go order on those busy days out and about or even just a chilled midweek dinner for two. We highly recommend checking them out from 12-9 pm.

Bincho Yakitori

Honing their love for sharing with their take on Japanese small plates, this restaurant is the go-to place for an intimate dinner with friends when you’re in the mood for bold flavours, fresh food and an unforgettable experience. Try them from Tuesday to Sunday, 5.30 to 10 pm for a twist on Japanese cuisine.


Known for delivering delicious Mediterranean-inspired small plates and a great selection of wines, med. is a great restaurant for all walks of life.

Their ultimate munch-and-sip environment makes them the perfect for a catch-up with friends. Check them out any day from 12-11 p.m… 


This lively and vibrant space boasts exceptional flavours and an authentic Spanish experience, both in taste and atmosphere. Their focus on acquiring ingredients from Spain and Sussex translates into every dish – their menu alone is enough to get your attention. Why not head over for dinner (served every day) or lunch instead, only on Friday to Sunday?

Brighton and Hove is home to some of the best and most unique tapas restaurants, which frequently exhibit their creativity at local food festivals and boast phenomenal TripAdvisor reviews. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the city as this style of eating is only growing more popular. Are there any cuisines you would like to see taking on tapas?

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