The Best Clubs in Brighton

Brighton is, without doubt, the leading seaside city in the UK, but it’s not just the amusement arcades and miles of beach that people flock to Brighton for; it is also widely regarded as one of the best nights out in the country. Whilst other cities are bigger, we don’t think any pack as much of a punch in such a compact area as Brighton. From the city centre, you are in easy reach of countless late-night venues, including the famous row of clubs in the arches on the seafront, high-capacity clubs such as Revenge and PRYZM and all sorts of alternative late-night spots. Once you’ve arrived in central Brighton, there’s no need to all pile into a cab or sober up on a 30-minute tube ride, you can just walk on to the next bar or club in no time and carry on your big night out. If your group is a hen party, a stag do, a bunch of old-school ravers, jazz lovers, techno-aficionados or anything else, Brighton has a truly eclectic nightlife scene where you’ll be able to find something perfect for you.

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Our guide to Brighton's best clubs

Club Revenge

Brighton recently regained its crown as the gay capital of the UK (though it never really lost it), and if Brighton is the capital, then Revenge is its LGBTQ+ Buckingham Palace. Located on the corner of Kemptown, Revenge is a huge venue spread over three floors which opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays every week, with loads of themed nights and one-off events featuring popstars, celebs and, of course, drag queens. Club Revenge is the biggest LGBTQ+ nightclub on the South Coast and it prides itself on maintaining a safe space for all to come and dance the night away. It’s worth noting, too, that Revenge is open until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays, so you can keep partying longer than almost anywhere else in the city!


Horizon is Brighton’s newest super-club, replacing Shoosh in one of the iconic Kings Road Arches venues. Horizon promises ‘the city’s most sophisticated sound system’ and has multiple rooms with different vibes throughout the venue. This brand-new club also has a VIP section and bookable booths, so it’s a great choice if you’re down for a special occasion with a big group.


Patterns is located just around the corner from Revenge between Kemptown and the Palace Pier and is the place to go for well-curated underground club nights. Playing host to big-name DJs and up-and-coming locals from across the musical spectrum, Patterns prioritises sound quality and a top-notch raving experience. Check out their Friday-night ‘Foundations’ events which showcase the very best in local talent.


Concorde2 is one of Brighton’s longest-running live-music venues, playing host to many of the greatest musical visitors to the city over the years. But Concorde isn’t just for those looking to catch a gig and be in bed before midnight, this venue is just as well-known for its late-night entertainment. Rather than standard club night playlists, Concorde plays host to a lot of one-off special club nights, from drum & bass raves to big-name DJs such as Pete Tong and DJ Yoda, so it’s well worth checking their listings to see what’s on when you’re in the city.


We’re not going to pretend this is a super-cool, unique Brighton venue, but if you’re looking for a mega-club where you’re more or less guaranteed to get in and have a good time, then PRYZM is a great choice. If you don’t know, PRYZM is a chain of huge nightclubs and this is one for the stag and hen groups, perhaps, but whoever you are we challenge you not to have a great time if you find the cheese room and start singing along to ABBA!

Easily the best night out on the South coast and definitely one of the best in the country, too, Brighton is not short of excellent late-night venues that cater for all tastes. If you’re after a mega-club for a large group such as a stag or hen party then PRYZM is the place to go, and you could also check out brand-new super-club Horizon. For the more discerning late-night music lover it’s always worth checking out what’s going on at Concorde2 or Patterns, who host some of the best DJs to play in Brighton. For a live-music antidote to the usual mainstream club night, you cannot go wrong with Casablanca’s soul, funk and disco extravaganza. If you’re after a bass-heavy party that keeps going all night long then Volks is where to go. And finally, for the ultimate Brighton night out we recommend the LGBTQ+ party palace that is Club Revenge. 

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