Finding the Best Pizza in Brighton

Best Pizza in Brighton

What may be considered an easy meal to bung in the oven nowadays actually has a history deep-rooted in the worries of working-class Italians and their struggle to find affordable and easy meals to eat on the go. Pizza can be traced all the way back to eighteenth-century Naples and subsequently across the pond to Chicago, where it inevitably gained its popularity. Since then, it has exploded into a culinary revolution and become beloved by many. However, as a result, finding the best of it can be a very apprehensive task, especially with how much of a divisive subject your choice of toppings is. We’re looking at you, pineapple lovers! With everything from thin bases to a stuffed crust, luckily, Brighton is more than equipped to handle the task and undoubtedly has something for everyone. We’ve rounded up the best pizza that the city has to offer, even if plant-based Mozzella is more your style, but more on that later… 

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Our guide to Brighton's best pizza

Al Duomo

Spinning dough since 1979, this elegant eatery boasts of being the first ever wood-fired pizza oven in Brighton and spans a rather impressive five floors, definitely one of a kind if you ask us! Home to some amazing Sicilian sourdough, you will not be disappointed with their range of toppings, lovely service and attention to detail.  


A charming and cosy restaurant famed for its take on Italian cuisine and known for swapping out mozzarella in lieu of its plant-based counterpart, Mozzella. This completely vegan establishment looks to bring sustainability into the saucepans, using the highest quality ingredients with no compromise on the taste.

Mamma Mi

A hidden gem serving the city with its simple, delicious and affordable dishes. Sticking true to their Italian roots, it remains a priority for them to deliver authentic pizzas that transport you to relaxing on the Roman coast, and we think they’ve done just that! From décor to atmosphere, everything is beaming with Italian pride.

Pronto in Tavola

Nestled away on the corner of a lovely neighbourhood in Brunswick Town, this family-run restaurant has been dubbed as a local treasure and is cherished by many for its inviting environment and extensive selection of homemade pizza. Perfect for an intimate weekday dinner or vibrant end-of-the-week treat.  

Fatto a Mano

This effervescent and stylish location is one of two others within the Brighton and Hove postcodes, serving up a pizza-centric menu with lots of creative influences from Neapolitan cuisine, including their pizzas being cooked for a maximum of 90 seconds, for the perfect fusion of melty cheese and satisfying crunch.  

VIP Pizza

Founded from a desire to bring top-quality ingredients from their family farm in Italy to the wider community, what started as a small shop in Naples in 1845 flourished into three thriving establishments dotted around the city. Blessing East Sussex with their knowledge and passion, these guys are the real deal!


The eagle-eyed among you may notice that this is a repeat from one of our earlier articles, but we’re coming back for seconds with these guys because they’re really that good! Situated on the lovely seafront, this family-run restaurant is famed for its generous portion sizes and genuine Italian food. You don’t want to miss out.


This endearing and relaxed space lives up to its name with its simple and classic eats served in the way that the Neapolitions intended, namely without the eyewatering bill! By ensuring that all their recipes live up to their nonna’s legacy at the heart of everything do, you are guaranteed one wholesome experience. 

Brighton is, without a doubt, home to some amazing options that ensure that the combination of dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella will never be boring. We implore you to have a look at some of their menus. They truly speak for the uniqueness of each place, although we recommend you maybe hold off until you’re not hungry because the descriptions are sure to send you into some kind of food-fuelled hysteria.  It goes without saying that this city is extremely lucky that so many of these independent establishments decided to set up shop here. The creativity of some of these places is unparalleled, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds in their journey to capture the crowd of hungry Brightonians. Why not try out one of your local pizzerias this week? Maybe even throw in a new topping, and the meal will be one to remember! 

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