The Best Vape Shops in Brighton

The best vape shops in Brighton

In 2003, a 52-year-old pharmacist, inventor and smoker named Hon Lik created the world’s first e-cigarette, and with his invention, the modern world of vaping was born. In the two decades since Hon Lik’s e-cigarette, vaping has revolutionised ‘smoking’, bringing a dizzying array of choice to a world where previously you could only choose between a traditional cigarette or rolling tobacco. The would-be vaper can now choose from disposable vapes that offer simple ‘plug & play’ vaping to a completely custom set-up of different tanks, mods and other elements that allow control over specific taste, strength, heat and other factors. Not only has vaping brought all these options, but it’s also helped millions to quit smoking altogether. Though not without controversies of its own, vaping is a much healthier option than smoking tobacco, and it has spawned a thriving subculture in the UK and around the world.

There are now vape stores in every town and city in the UK, and a thriving community exists around many of them, with customers trading tips on modifications to their vaporisers and conjuring up their own bespoke liquids. Brighton is no different, in fact, it has as much of a thriving vaping culture as anywhere else in the country, with big nationwide chains and great local independent stores vying for business throughout the city.

For more information from the National Health Service about the health impacts of vaping and smoking click here.

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Our top picks for the best vape shops in Brighton

Vapestore Brighton

With an interior that could be from an Apple store and a super-central location, Vapestore Brighton is a premier store for all your vape and e-cigarette needs. Vapestore Brighton has a huge array of vape kits, accessories and liquids from leading brands such as Double Drip and Vampire Vape, you won’t be short on choice if you pay them a visit! Indeed, Vapestore Brighton has over 300 different vape flavours in stock. Open 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sundays, Vapestore Brighton is always there for all your vaping needs.

Dirty B’s Vape Bar

Dirty B’s is an independent local vape store with branches on Queens Road in the centre of the city and over in Hove. This family-run business has been voted South England Vape Store of the Year for four years in a row in the Corporate LiveWire Awards. Committed to helping their loyal local customers whether they’re looking for their first vape or full mech fitting, there’s a reason they have got dozens of five-star reviews on their Google pages. Dirty B’s is open from 10-7 most days but stays open until 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


RedEye is one of the longest-standing vape shops in Brighton that can be found in the bohemian North Laine part of the city. Originating in Newton Abbott, Devon, RedEye Brighton is one of three stores that comprise this well-established vaping business. Stocking everything from e-cigarettes and liquids to tobacco alternatives and CBD oil, RedEye has one of the best selections of vaping paraphernalia in Brighton. Such is RedEye’s reputation and popularity they have an incredible five-out-of-five rating on their Google page from over eight hundred reviews!

Vape Brighton

Away from the city centre in Kemptown is where we find Vape Brighton, a popular family-run, independent vape store. Vape Brighton have a great range of products from well-known brands, including VIP, Innokin, and Joyetech and they are official stockists of Ultimate V2, Slushie, Dinner Lady and many more. Vape Brighton pride themselves on being a friendly local business and invite anyone interested in their products to drop in to the store and have a chat. If you’re looking for a local independent outside of the city centre, Vape Brighton could be the place for you.

The Vaping Vault

Another independent vape store outside of the centre of Brighton, The Vaping Vault has been operating as a family-run business for over ten years, bringing their expertise and knowledge of the vaping world to the London Road area of Brighton. Many positive reviews mention the excellent prices at The Vaping Vault, which promises to offer ‘internet prices’ on top of their excellent customer-focused experience. With a full range of mods, tanks and liquids and those great prices, you won’t regret taking a trip down to The Vaping Vault.

In the list above there’s a vape shop for everyone. If you’re trying to quit smoking and just want to grab a disposable vape for the first time whilst you’re in Brighton then Vapestore is a great choice. Easily accessible in the centre of town on North Street, Vapestore is a respected chain of vape shops offering a great selection of premium vapes and accessories. Or maybe you’ve got into vaping and are looking to up your game from the humble disposable vape? If so any of The Vaping Vault, Vape Brighton and Red Eye are great options. All three have an excellent range of stock with the added bonus of being independent businesses that are able to offer tailored, individual guidance as you continue on your vaping journey. These three vape shops are spread out across the city so the best choice will depend on where you are. If you’re in the city centre head to Red Eye in the North Laine; in the London Road and Prestonville area The Vaping Vault is your best bet; and you can find Vape Brighton in Kemptown. And finally, if you’re a seasoned vaper who wants to engage with the local vaping community and discuss your vaping purchases with experienced, award-winning industry experts, Dirty B’s Vape Bar is the place for you. You can find them in two locations in the city, on Queen’s Road in the city centre and on Western Road in Hove. We hope you’ve found the perfect vape shop for you, and wish you some very happy vaping!

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