The Best Sunday Roast in Brighton

Best Sunday Roast in Brighton

The most iconic British meal is a Sunday roast. There are no ifs, buts or maybes about it. Many pride themselves on their abilities to whip one up when the time comes, but if you don’t have a backlog of secret recipes for a banquet of a Sunday roast, fear not!

Brighton is home to many amazing restaurants that offer a Sunday roast, and almost all Brighton pubs serve a Sunday roast, but here are some of the best!

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Our top picks for Brighton Sunday Roasts

Sunday Roast in Brighton


Drawing in residents from Preston Park and the wider community, The Cleveland Arms in Brighton embodies the quintessential neighbourhood pub at the city’s core. This independently-owned Brighton pub has been a family operation for over three decades, now under the ownership of Sarah and Jamie Davies, who assure a warm and inclusive atmosphere along with attentive service. The Cleveland Arms consistently delivers on its promise of crispy roast potatoes, abundant rich gravy, fresh seasonal vegetables, and a centrepiece featuring the finest locally sourced, top-quality meats. For those with dietary preferences, a delectable vegan roast option is also available. Notably, in 2022, The Cleveland Arms secured a prestigious top-10 ranking at the BRAVOs within the coveted Sunday roast category.


Hanover’s The Geese won the coveted title of Best Roast at the 2023 BRAVO awards. Their victorious approach aligns with the prevailing theme observed throughout the BRAVOs, emphasising simplicity and quality. They prioritise fresh, seasonal ingredients, handling them with care and presenting them in ample portions as the winning strategy. Their roast offerings cater to a diverse range of preferences, featuring four choices for meat enthusiasts and two delightful options for vegetarians or vegans.


Much like all of Brighton Bier’s establishments, Haus on the Hill stands as a beer-centric pub. Being a proper beer pub doesn’t mean it excludes anyone; in fact, it’s a place where everyone can enjoy themselves, even if beer isn’t your preference. Here, you’ll discover an abundant selection of award-winning Brighton Bier brewed just a stone’s throw away. Without fail, Haus on the Hill fills up to capacity week after week, especially during its renowned Sunday lunch service. Their outstanding culinary offerings earned them the prestigious BRAVO award for the Best Sunday Lunch in 2022. If you’re curious about the buzz surrounding this place, it’s highly recommended to secure your reservation in advance. The Sunday roasts at Haus on the Hill are truly exceptional, and by the time you’ve savoured every bite, you’ll be grateful that you’re conveniently located atop Southover, allowing gravity to gently escort you back home.


Just ten minutes out of central Brighton in Patcham, you can find The Ladies Mile pub, a family-run establishment that prioritises a strong sense of community and provides a welcoming space for all families. As a proud member of the Golden Lion Group, visitors can expect a warm reception and a menu filled with classic, high-quality food and beverages. Their Sunday roasts don’t disappoint, served with all of the trimmings, including their signature gravy and homemade Yorkshire puddings.


As you’d anticipate from any Brighton pub, The Roundhill truly stands out when it comes to serving delectable roasts, and it’s a haven for vegans, boasting a menu with a more extensive array of plant-based dishes than your typical pub. It’s strongly recommended to make a reservation in advance for Sunday lunch, as the popularity of meat-free living continues to grow and word spreads about this exceptional pub. All drinks in The Roundhill are also vegan, with an emphasis on local ales and an ever-changing selection. Live music, quizzes, theatre and social groups make the Roundhill a real community pub with an inviting and safe atmosphere.

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