Our Best Hove Restaurants Guide

Hove, the calmer, more refined sibling of Brighton. If you stroll along the seafront from Brighton, you’ll first come across the much-Instagrammed beach huts that line Hove Lawns. But delve a little further, away from the beach, and you’ll find a wealth of coffee shops, lunch spots, pubs, bars, shops and restaurants lining Western Road or tucked away just off of it. Amongst these are some of the very best restaurants in the Brighton and Hove area. Far from settling for second place to the big hitters found just down the road, the restaurants in Hove are true contenders for the top spot. Indeed, one of them has a strong claim to being the best restaurant in Brighton and Hove.

Fine-dining experiences you’ll never forget, cosy pubs serving up fantastic food alongside the pints, Italian food, whichever way you want it, high-end vegan cuisine… Hove has it all when it comes to dining out. If anything, there are too many great restaurants, so we’ve done the hard work and boiled it down to a manageable list for you to work your way through! Read on to discover the best restaurants Hove has to offer.

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Our guide to Hove's best restaurants

etch. by Steven Edwards

Steven Edwards is a former Masterchef: The Professionals winner, and etch is his flagship restaurant. As expected with such pedigree at the helm, etch. is very highly regarded, featuring in the Michelin Guide and a regular fixture right at the top end of the local BRAVO and Brighton’s Best Restaurant awards. Sat on the far edge of Hove, you won’t miss the all-black exterior of this restaurant, and you won’t forget your experience inside, with weekly changing tasting menus offering up the finest dining. It is probably not somewhere you’re going to be heading back to every weekend, given the prices, but it is definitely one to have in mind for a top-class dining experience. 

Cin Cin

At the opposite end of Hove to etch. is where we find Cin Cin, an Italian restaurant serving up fresh pasta dishes alongside small plates. At Cin Cin, you can sit at the horseshoe bar or even right next to the open kitchen, and the chefs chat with customers and serve up dishes directly to the counter or table throughout the service, creating a unique dining experience. Cin Cin is a proper neighbourhood restaurant with a loyal band of local customers, maybe you’ll become one of them.

The Urchin

The Urchin describes itself as a brewery and shellfish pub, and it does both of these things very well indeed. You can settle in for a pint of stout and a half dozen oysters or tuck into something a bit fancy off the specials menu. The Urchin often runs special events and every Sunday you’ll find paella being served up, so it’s worth checking out their website to see what they’ve got coming up. 


One for the vegans and veggies out there, Botanique is 100% plant-based and dedicated to vegetables. The ingredients served up at Botanique are sourced as locally as possible from growers and foragers committed to the highest standards of sustainability and organic production. Plants are truly front and centre at Botanique, and the majority of dishes are gluten-free, too.

Wild Flo

Yet another Michelin Guide-listed Hove restaurant (but hey, who’s counting?).  Wild Flor is run by a group of friends, and that translates into a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. An unpretentious bistro serving a menu of sensational, super-seasonal produce complemented by an outstanding wine list, there’s a lot to like about Wild Flor. The Brighton’s Best Awards named Wild Flor best front of house and best wine list in 2023 (they’ve won the latter for multiple years in a row), so if you want to feel right at home and enjoy a great glass or two with your meal, this is the place for you.

Ginger Pig

Not satisfied with three Michelin Guide restaurants? Well, here’s one more! The Ginger Pig has been named one of the best pubs in the country and perfectly combines cosy pub vibes with fantastic food. Part of the Gingerman group that is responsible for several other great restaurants in the area, The Ginger Pig has a great menu but we’d recommend booking in for their Sunday lunch, which is truly outstanding.

Fatto a Mano

The Hove branch of this ever-popular Brighton chain of pizzerias is a great spot for a casual meal out, and the pizzas are so good. Fatto has grown from its original London Road venue based on how good its Neapolitan pizzas are, and they’ve become the go-to pizzeria across Brighton and Hove. There are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options and aperitivo aplenty so you’ve got a lot of reasons to pay Fatto a Mano a visit.

Is it better than Brighton when it comes to restaurants? We’re not necessarily saying that… but dining out in Hove is decidedly not the short straw. Four restaurants in the Michelin Guide is an impressive return for the supposedly junior partner of the Brighton and Hove double-act. If you want all-out fine dining where the price is immaterial, get down to etch. by Steven Edwards for the top-drawer tasting menus that change on a weekly basis. Cin Cin and Wild Flor join etch. in the Michelin Guide, and are quintessential neighbourhood restaurants – warm and welcoming with great food and a loyal group of local customers. And rounding out the Michelin gang in Hove is The Ginger Pig, a high-quality restaurant masquerading as a pub. Sticking with pubs, The Urchin pairs their pints with fresh shellfish and a selection of seafood dishes to savour. If you’re looking for vegan or gluten-free dining options then your best bet is Botanique, whose commitment to plants really does go above and beyond. And finally, for something a bit more straightforward, Fatto a Mano is the local king of pizzerias, and their Hove branch will see you right for dough-based goodness and an Aperol or two. 

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